Elisabeth Pähtz

Elisabeth Pähtz (or Paehtz) is a German WGM and men's IM, currently rated 2452, making her the strongest female player in the country. Elisabeth (or Elli, or Lizzy) was trained in chess from early childhood by her father GM Thomas Pähtz. At the age of nine years she won her first German Championship in the under-11 age group. In 1999 she became Germany's women's chess champion. In 2002 she ähtz became the Youth World Champion of the under-18 age group, and in 2004 the U20 Junior World Champion. As one of the greatest German new-generation talents Pähtz was the subject of a large media interest when growing up. Among other things it was reported that she was likely to fail high school mathematics. Her own explanation for this however, is that she is an intuitive player and so does not have to be a universal genius. She holds the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster.

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