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50movesmagazine.com — The story starts in 2014, with two friends who believed in positively changing the way people think, feel and play the game of chess. We did this by entertaining, educating and inspiring people of all generations. Providing an outlet for Australians to share the unique knowledge and experiences of our most talented players. In doing so helping to popularise the game we love most.

50 moves first started as a PDF and PGN online magazine. After two years, one friend decided to leave the magazine behind and pursue his professional career. The other, Moulthun (that’s me) was simply unable to throw away his passion and decided to pursue it to the very end. Firstly working to obtain his personal ambitions of the Grandmaster title in 2016. Then countless hours later in October 2017, 50 Moves reached its first major milestone. Becoming the first ever Australian chess publication to reach a global audience.

We are a team of professionals who come from all different walks of life, sharing a common passion, chess. Our team of the most dedicated and talented Australian writers cover everything from national and international events, openings, middlegames, endgames, tactics and studies, history, psychology, humour and more. For us, chess is our greatest passion and look forward to sharing everything we have learnt from many years of playing & coaching.

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