Fritz16 on Windows tablets


Problem: I have installed Fritz 16 on a Windows tablet with an 8 inch screen. With an 8 inch tablet Windows 10 scales everything (size of apps, ...) up to 200 percent. But the new yellow Fritz start screen apparently does not support this. In it Fritz 16 does not open as a clearly visible app, since only a part of the yellow window is displayed. But approx. 1/3 of the yellow window, the upper part (with login and quit), is not visible, meaning that you cannot even close the said yellow window. This new yellow interface may be very pretty, but it is not much use if it is only partially visible.

Solution: On the tablet the starting screen will look roughly like this, the individual buttons will probably be somewhat larger. It is possible to scroll to the right with the mouse wheel. Try simply to swipe to the right in order to be able to access other elements.

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