How to find what you need in the ChessBase Shop

by Nadja Wittmann
1/23/2020 – In case you ever wondered, the ChessBase Shop has over 1,000 titles! You can find something on almost every topic. But how, you ask? Well, you might start with the Shop Assistant! With the new search filters you can find anything and everything that is of interest to you: search by openings, middlegame topics, language, operating system (now including Macintosh!), skill level and more. You can even search for titles simply by entering the desired opening moves on the chess board.

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The Shop Assistant and search tips

With the myriad search filters on offer, finding what you need takes just a few clicks.

Match your operating system (OS)

Find products that are compatible with Windows or MacOS.

Click the buttons under 'OS'


More than 100 authors have contributed to the ChessBase library of titles. The picture gallery shows our stars, among them legends like Garry Kasparov, skilled instructors like Daniel King, and contemporary stars Wesley So and Fabiano Caruana, and dozens more. A click on the photo leads to a short biography and an overview of all the ChessBase DVDs this author has published.


Search by author name: Fabiano Caruana

Search by topic and skill level

Drill down to narrow the scope of your search tailored to your needs.

1) Openings



Openings A-Z

Let's start with an unsung hero of previous generations of our Shops that you should be sure not to miss: The tab "OPENINGS A-Z" offers a list of all openings and it takes only one click to see all DVDs related to a certain topic.

Openings A-Z

Navigate via the openings list

But that's not all: Use the "Search for Position" board, and just play! Whatever moves you enter will dynamically update the shop with all the video series that deal with the position in question. Plus, it knows how relevant the videos are for the position and weights them accordingly. 

Give it a try! If you enter the moves 1.e4 e6 a list with the various lines of the French appears: Winawer, the Classical Variation, the Tarrasch Variation, French Advance Variation, etc.

Of course, you can search for any and all openings. E.g. The Italian has become quite popular recently. 

The Italian: 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♞c6 3.♗c4 ♝c5 4.d3 ♞f6 5.c3

In the same window below you do see all the ChessBase DVDs that deal with the Italian:

DVDs related to the "Italian"

Italian Game Powerbook 2019

The Italian Powerbook 2019 will consist predominantly of engine games (1.026 000), with in addition top class material from Mega and a small number of correspondence games (14 000).

2) Middlegames

Middle game


3) Endgames



Search for product names

Product search

Product comparison

The different ChessBase packages at a glance!

Comparing products

Product comparison

The bottom line: A visit to the ChessBase Shop is most definitely worthwhile!

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