(1) Le,Quang Liem (2664) - Cheparinov,Ivan (2665) [E99]
Aeroflot Open A Moscow RUS (8), 15.02.2011

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.d4 0-0 6.Be2 e5 7.0-0 Nc6 8.d5 Ne7 9.Ne1 Nd7 10.f3 f5 11.g4
Both players have played this line before, so it came down to whose preparation was more up to snuff.

[11...Kh8 12.Nd3 f4 13.Rf2 Bf6 14.Rg2 Bh4 15.b4 h5 16.g5 Ng8 17.Kh1 Rf7 18.c5 Nf8 19.Nb5 Bh3 20.Rg1 a6 21.Na3 Bxg5 22.Nc4 1-0 (53) Eljanov,P (2716)-Cheparinov,I (2678)/Jermuk 2009/CBM 132 (53)]

12.Nd3 c6 13.Be3 Kh8 14.Kh1 b5
[14...b6 15.Rg1 Bb7 16.g5 Nh5 17.Qd2 Qd7 18.a4 cxd5 19.cxd5 f4 20.Bf2 h6 21.Nb5 a6 22.Na3 hxg5 23.Nc4 Rab8 24.Qb4 Nc8 25.Rxg5 Kh7 26.Rag1 Rg8 27.Rxg6 Ng3+ 28.Bxg3 Kxg6 29.Bxf4+ Kh7 30.Bg5 1-0 (63) Le Quang,L (2689)-Ding,L (2565)/Olongapo City 2010/CBM 136 Extra (63)]

15.g5 Nh5 16.Nb4 c5 17.Nc6 Qd7 18.cxb5 fxe4

Forced. [19.fxe4?! loses the exchange atfer the finesse 19...Ng3+! 20.Kg1 (20.hxg3?? Qh3+ 21.Kg1 Qxg3+ 22.Kh1 Qh3+ 23.Kg1 Qxe3+ 24.Kh2 Qh3+ 25.Kg1 Qg3+ 26.Kh1 Qh4+ 27.Kg1 Bh3 ) 20...Nxf1 21.Bxf1 ]

19...Nf5 20.Qd2 Nd4
[20...Nfg3+ Cheparinov could go for the repetition but has greater ambitions.]

21.b4 Qh3 22.Kg1 Nxf3+?!
This is a mistake, but the failure to see the best reply is entirely forgivable as it is anything but obvious.

23.Bxf3 Rxf3 24.Rae1?!
[After 24.Rxf3 Qxf3 25.Nxd6 Le understandably feared 25...Bh3 26.Qf2 Qg4+ 27.Kh1 Rf8 and here, eight plies into the line, White has the computer defense: 28.Nxe5!! but even if the GM had been told, White to play and win here, it is nothing obvious with everything hanging by a thread. The worst is that if you don't see this move, the position really does start to collapse. 28...Rxf2 (28...Qxb4 29.Nef7+ Kg8 30.Bxc5 Qf4 ) 29.Nxg4 Rf3 30.Rg1 Bxg4 31.Rxg4 Rxe3 32.bxc5 ]

24...Bg4 25.bxc5 Rxf1+ 26.Rxf1 Bf3 27.Rxf3 Qxf3 28.Nf2 Qf5 29.cxd6 Nf4 30.Bxf4?
A blunder. [30.h4 was needed. If 30...Nh3+ 31.Kh2 (31.Nxh3 Qxh3 would allow Black to draw.) ]

30...exf4 31.Qd3 Qxg5+ 32.Kf1 f3! 33.Qxf3 Rf8 34.Qd3 Qf4 35.Qg3 Qc4+ 36.Kg1 Qxd5 37.a4 Bd4 38.Nxd4 Qxd4 39.a5 Rf6 40.b6 axb6 41.a6 Kg7 42.a7 Qa1+ 43.Kg2 Qxa7 44.Qe5 Qd7 45.Ne4 Qg4+ 0-1