(1) Aronian,L (2801) - Kramnik,V (2791) [D38]
Tal Memorial Moscow RUS (1), 05.11.2010

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Nf3 d5 5.cxd5 exd5 6.Bg5 h6 7.Bh4 c5 8.dxc5 Nbd7 9.Rc1 Qa5 10.a3
This idea was first introduced by Delchev at the Olympiads

10...Bxc3+ 11.Rxc3 Ne4 12.b4 Nxc3 13.Qa1 Qa4
[13...Qa6 14.Qxc3 Qg6 15.e3 Qb1+ 16.Kd2 0-0 17.Rg1 a5 18.Bc4 axb4 19.axb4 Qe4 20.Bd3 Qe6 21.Nd4 1/2-1/2 (47 moves) Delchev,A (2623)-Palac,M (2561)/Khanty Mansiysk 2010/CB39_2010]

14.Qxc3 0-0 15.e3 a5 16.b5 Nxc5 17.Qxc5 Bf5N
The players were following a game played between Lahno and T. Kosintseva played at the Cap d'Agde rapid event the week before. [17...Be6 18.Qd4 Qxa3 19.Be2 Qc1+ 20.Qd1 Qb2 21.0-0 a4 22.Bg3 f6 23.Nd4 Bf7 24.Bd3 a3 25.Nf5 a2 26.Qg4 g5 27.Nxh6+ Kg7 28.Qf5 Rh8 29.Nxf7 Kxf7 30.Qg6+ Ke7 31.Qg7+ 1-0 (56 moves) Lahno,K (2539)-Kosintseva,T (2573)/Cap d'Agde 2010/CB43_2010]

[Taking the pawn with 18.Qxd5? and attacking the bishop is enticing, but would lead to disaster due to the white king's exposed and uncastled position. 18...Rfc8! 19.Be2 (19.Qxf5?? Rc1+ 20.Ke2 Qd1# ) 19...Rc1+ 20.Bd1 Bc2 21.0-0 Bxd1 22.Nd4 Rac8 23.h3 (Not 23.Qxb7? Be2! 24.Nxe2 Rxf1+ 25.Kxf1 Qd1# ) ]

18...Qxa3 19.Be2 Qb4+ 20.Qxb4 axb4 21.Nd4 Ra1+! 22.Bd1
So far Kramnik's opening preparation has been flawless and his advantage is close to winning. The combination of passed pawn and wonderful lines for his rooks should be decisive.

Here is the guilty party. [Black had to play 22...Rfa8! 23.0-0 (The bishop is untouchable since 23.Nxf5? is met with 23...b3! 24.Ne7+ Kf8 25.Kd2 (25.Nxd5 b2 26.Nc3 Rc1 27.Kd2 g5! preparing Rd8+) 25...b2-+ ) 23...Bd3 24.Re1 Rb1 25.f3 Raa1-+ ]

23.Nb3 Rb1 24.Nd2 Rb2 25.Bg3 Rc8 26.Be5 Ra2 27.Nb3 Bc2 28.Bxc2 Rcxc2 29.0-0 f6 30.Bd4 Ra3 31.Na1 Rd2 32.h3 Rad3 33.Kh2 Ra3 34.b6 h5 35.Rb1 Rxf2 36.Nb3 Raa2 37.Rg1 Kh7 38.Nc5

The wrong rook! [38...Rad2! 39.Nxb7 b3 40.Nc5 b2 41.Bxb2 Forced since the threat was (41.-- Rxg2+ 42.Rxg2 Rxg2+ 43.Kxg2 b1Q ) ]

39.Nxb7 b3 40.Nc5 b2 41.Rb1 1-0