Slalom problem

(1) Gallischek,O - Black to play, White wins
Weser Kurier, 25.02.1960

1...Rf3+ 2.e3! Rxe3+ 3.c3! Rxc3+ 4.Ka2 Ra3+ 5.Kb1 Ra1+ 6.Kc2 Rc1+ 7.Kd3 Rc3+ 8.Ke2 Re3+ 9.Kf1 Re1+ 10.Kg2 Rg1+ 11.Kf3 Rxg3+ 12.Ke2 Re3+ 13.Kd1 Re1+ 14.Kc2 Rc1+ 15.Kb3 Rc3+ 16.Ka2 Ra3+ 17.Rxa3# 1-0

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