Asrian Memorial

(1) Kotanjian,Tigran (2522) - Petrosian,David (2487) [E97]
Third Annual Memorial of Karen Asrian (7), 10.10.2010
[Tigran Kotanjian]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.Be2 e5 7.0-0 Nc6 8.d5 David again chose a variation played by us five years ago, still believing in the resources of his position. However, I had prepared a poisonous novelty. 8...Ne7 9.b4 a5 10.Ba3 axb4 11.Bxb4 b6 12.a4 Re8 13.Qd3 Nf5 David's novelty in 2005 14.a5 bxa5 15.Rxa5 [15.Bxa5 was possible too: 15...Ba6 (15...Bd7!? ) 16.Nxe5! Rxe5 17.exf5+/= ] 15...Rb8 16.Nb5 Nd4 17.Nfxd4 [17.Ra7?! Nxd5! ] 17...exd4 18.f3 Nh5 [18...Nd7!? is a more interesting move, leading to vivid game] 19.Bd2! My novelty! Five years ago I played 19.g3 in this position. According to computer 19.g3 gives some advantage to White; however deep analysis shows that Black can get counterplay. 19...Qh4 With the idea Be5 20.f4! [20.Nxc7 Be5 unclear.] 20...f5 21.Nxd4! Rb2 This move was unexpected for me. There were three more possibilities for Black; however they lead to a worse position. [21...Rxe4 22.Nc6 Rb2 23.Bxh5 gxh5 24.Ra8+- Re8 25.g3 Qf6 26.Re1 Black has no defence against Rc8 and Ne7.; 21...Bxd4+ 22.Qxd4 Rxe4 23.Qa7! Rb7 24.Qa8 Re8 25.Bxh5 White's attack on black squares is decisive.; 21...fxe4 22.Qe3 White has a big positional advantage.] 22.Bxh5! Qxh5 23.Bc3 Rb7 [23...fxe4 is not good because of 24.Qe3 Bxd4 25.Qxd4 Rxg2+ 26.Kxg2 Bh3+ 27.Kh1+- ; 23...Rb8 24.Ra7 Rb7 25.Ra8 ] 24.Ra8! pointing out the weakness of the c8 square. [24.exf5 Bxf5 with good chances of salvation] 24...fxe4 25.Qe3 Qh4 26.f5?! [26.Ne6! Bxc3 27.Qxc3 Qe7 28.f5 gxf5 29.Rxf5 (29.Qg3+? Kh8 30.Rxf5 Rb1+ 31.Kf2 e3+!= ) 29...Rb1+ 30.Kf2 Qh4+ 31.Ke2 Qg4+ 32.Ke3!+- ] 26...Be5? [26...Bh6! 27.Qe2 Bf4 28.Nf3 Qh6! I didn't consider this move, after which White's advantage diminishes. (28...Qg4 29.h3 Qg3 30.Be1 ; 28...Qd8 29.fxg6! hxg6 30.Nd4 Qh4 31.g3 Bxg3 32.hxg3 Qxg3+ 33.Qg2 Qxc3 34.Qxg6++- ) ] 27.g3+- Qf6 28.fxg6 Qxf1+ [28...Qxg6 29.Nc6 Black has no defence against White's threats Rc8, Ne7 and Be5] 29.Kxf1 Bh3+ 30.Ke2 Bg4+ 31.Kd2 Rxa8 32.gxh7+ Kh8 33.Qg5 [33.Qxe4!? could win easier] 33...c5 34.Nb5 Bxc3+ 35.Nxc3 [35.Kxc3 ] 35...Rg7 36.Qf6 Bf3 37.g4 e3+ 38.Kxe3 Bxg4 39.Ne4 Ra3+ 40.Kd2 Ra2+ 41.Kc3 Ra3+ 42.Kb2 Rf3 43.Qd8+ Kxh7 44.Qh4+ Kg8 45.Nf6+ Kf8 46.Qh8+ Kf7 47.Nxg4 Rf4 1-0

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