(1) Aronian,L (2744) - Morozevich,A (2741) [D45]
XXIV SuperGM Morelia/Linares MEX/ESP (10), 04.03.2007
[Mihail Marin]

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.c4 c6 4.Nc3 e6 5.e3 Nbd7 6.Qc2 Bd6 7.g4
Aronian always meets the Meran setup with this sharp line. We can assume that this partly justifies Morozevich' choice of an opening that had occured only once in his previous games.

7...Nxg4 8.Rg1 Qf6 9.Rxg4 Qxf3 10.Rxg7 Nf6 11.h3 h6
[An interesting opening. The reason why Black spends a whole tempo to take the g5-square under control can be seen after 11...e5 12.dxe5 Bxe5 13.Rg5 Nd7 14.cxd5 cxd5 15.Rf5 with very active play for White in Tisdall-Sidselrud, Norway 2002.]

12.Bd2 e5 13.Rg3 Qh5 14.cxd5 exd4 15.Ne4 Nxe4 16.Qxe4+ Qe5 17.Qxe5+ Bxe5 18.Rf3 cxd5 19.Bb5+ Ke7 20.exd4 Bd6
[20...Bxd4? would have left the black king in big danger after 21.Bb4+ Ke6 22.0-0-0 ]

21.Kf1 Be6
After a short tactical sequence, the game has calmed down completely. The position is symmetrical, which makes a draw highly probable.

22.Re1 Rac8 23.Bd3 Rc6 24.Rf5 Rb6 25.b3 Bb4 26.Bxb4+ Rxb4 27.Rxd5 Kf6 28.Rd6 Ke7 29.Rd5 Kf6 1/2-1/2