(1) Euwe,Max - Solution
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 10.04.1940
[Andrew Martin]

White to play and win. A position from one of Karsten's endgame books. White wins, thanks to the outside passed pawn, but he must display care and accuracy. 1.h4 Kf5 [1...f5 2.Kf3 ; 1...f6 2.Kf3 Kf5 3.Kg3 Ke4 4.h5 Kf5 5.Kh4 Ke6 6.h6 Kf7 7.Kh5+- ] 2.Kf3 Ke5 3.Kg4 Ke4 4.h5 f5+ 5.Kh3!! Only this will do! [5.Kg5? f4 6.h6 f3 7.h7 f2 8.h8Q f1Q 9.Qe8+ Kd4 10.Qd8+ Ke4 (10...Ke5?? 11.Qd5# ) 11.Qd5+ Ke3 12.Qe6+ Kd4 13.Qxb6 Qf8 14.Qc7 (14.Qf6+?? Qxf6+ 15.Kxf6 Kc3 16.Ke5 Kxb3 17.Kd5 Kb4 ) 14...Ke4= ; 5.Kh4 f4 6.h6 f3 7.Kg3 Ke3 8.h7 f2 9.h8Q f1Q 10.Qh6+ Ke4 11.Qe6+ Kd4 12.Qxb6 Qd3+ 13.Kg4 Qe4+ 14.Kg5 Qe5+ 15.Kg6 Qe8+ 16.Kf6 Qf8+ 17.Kg5 Qg7+= ; 5.Kg3 Ke3! 6.h6 f4+ 7.Kg4 f3 8.h7 f2 9.h8Q f1Q 10.Qh6+ Kd4 11.Qxb6 Qe2+= As you can see, White has problems suppressing Black's counterplay.] 5...Ke5 6.Kg3 Ke6 7.Kf4 Kf6 8.h6 Kg6 9.h7 Kxh7 10.Kxf5+- 1-0

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