(1) Feb 22 Competition - Solution

WhIte to play and win Marek Kwiatkowski 1st Prize The Problemist 1992 A beautiful study. 1.a7[] [1.Kg4 Bd4 ; 1.Bd2 Kxh5 ] 1...a2 2.Kg4 [2.Bd2 Kxh5 ; 2.a8Q a1Q 3.Qxc6+ Qf6+= ] 2...e3 [2...a1Q 3.Bd2+ e3 4.Bxe3# ] 3.Bc3! a1Q [3...Bxc3 4.a8Q a1Q 5.Qf8+ Bg7 6.Qf4# ] 4.Bxa1 exf2 5.Bf6!! [5.a8Q f1Q 6.Qxc6+ Bf6 7.Qxf6+ Qxf6 8.Bxf6 stalemate.] 5...Bxf6 [5...f1Q 6.Bg5# ] 6.a8Q f1Q 7.Qf8+ Bg7 8.Qxf1 Superb! Full of intricate and difficult play, with distinct similarities to an over the board game. 1-0

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