(1) Shamkovich,L (2515) - Wirthensohn,H (2425) [B83]
Biel Biel, 1980

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White has just captured Black's h-pawn to bring about the kind of endgame position which is very important in practical play. This position is a theoretical draw. Black, understandably enough, is not sure how he should proceed and therefore starts checking:

77...Qg7+ 78.Ke6 Qg8+ 79.Ke7 Qg7+?
#74 Black's previous two checks were O.K., but as if continuing by rote, this check is a critical error, because it allows White to significantly improve the position of his Queen. [ Correct - and keeping the position drawn - are 79...Qg3 and; 79...Qc4 Both prevent White from significantly improving his Queen's position.]

From here the Queen shelters the King well, and by being more centrally placed than on h5 it also covers more board room.

#66 This is a very important theoretical position, because it is won for White. Notice that this conclusion comes while the h-pawn is still on its fourth rank. This is the position that I submitted to BELLE for analysis, correctly calling it "won for White." [80...Qg1 #73; 80...Qg2 #73]

81.Qf6+! Kc7
#61 [81...Ka7 #65; 81...Kb7 #65]

Both Benko and Shamkovich credit this with a ! mark when in fact it is quite ridiculous. From f6 the Queen has more scope than on g5 and thus it should not be deactivated unless there is a specific winning reason. In our case there is not. [Sufficient to keep the position won are 82.Kf7, 82.Kf8 and 82.Ke8 . All of these moves free the e7 square for a potentially killing countercheck by White's Queen However, strongest is the immediate 82.h5! BELLE then provides the following best play for both sides: 82...Qa3+ 83.Kf7 Qa2+ 84.Kg7 Qg2+ 85.Qg6 Qb2+ 86.Kh7 Qb3 87.h6 Kd7 88.Qf5+ Kd8 89.Qf8+ Kd7 90.Kh8 Kc6 91.Qe8+ Kc5 92.Qe5+ Kc6 93.Kg7 Qb7+ 94.Kf6 Qb1 95.Qe8+ Kc5 96.Qh5+ Kc4 97.h7 Qb6+ 98.Kg7 Qd4+ 99.Kh6 Qd6+ 100.Qg6 Qh2+ 101.Kg7 Qb2+ 102.Qf6 Qg2+ 103.Kh6 Qh1+ 104.Kg6 Qg2+ 105.Qg5 Qc6+ 106.Kg7 Qd7+ 107.Kh6 Qh3+ 108.Kg6 Qe6+ 109.Qf6 Qg4+ 110.Kf7 Qd7+ 111.Kg8 Qg4+ 112.Kf8 Qc8+ 113.Kg7 Qg4+ 114.Qg6 Qd4+ 115.Kf8 Qd8+ 116.Qe8 Qd6+ 117.Qe7 Qh6+ 118.Ke8 Qc6+ 119.Qd7 Qa8+ 120.Ke7 Qa3+ 121.Kd8 Qf8+ 122.Kc7 Qh8 123.Qf5 Kb3 124.Kd7 Qd4+ 125.Ke7 Qc3 126.Qe6+ Kc2 127.Kf7 Qc7+ 128.Kg6 Qg3+ 129.Kf6 Qc3+ 130.Kg5 Qg3+ 131.Qg4 Qe3+ 132.Kf6 Qb6+ 133.Qe6 Qd4+ 134.Kg6 Kd1 135.Kf7 Qa7+ 136.Qe7 Qd4 137.Qc7 Qd5+ 138.Ke8 Qe4+ 139.Qe7 Qg6+ 140.Kd8 Qb6+ 141.Qc7 Qf6+ 142.Kc8 Qa6+ 143.Qb7 Qc4+ 144.Kd8 Qh4+ 145.Qe7 Qh5 146.Kc8 Kc2 147.Kb8 Qh3 148.Qg7 Qb3+ 149.Qb7 Qh3 150.Qc8+ ]

82...Qa3+ 83.Kf7 Qb3+ 84.Kg7 Qc3+ 85.Qf6 Qg3+ 86.Kh7 Qh3 87.Qg5 Kb6 88.h5 Qd7+ 89.Qg7 Qh3 90.Qe5 Qd7+ 91.Kg6 Qd3+ 92.Qf5 Qg3+ 93.Kf7 Qc7+ 94.Kg8 Qb8+ 95.Kg7 Qc7+ 96.Qf7 Qh2 97.h6 Ka5 98.h7 Qe5+ 99.Qf6 Qg3+ 100.Kh6 1-0