New York Man vs Machine

(1) Deep Junior - Kasparov,G (2847) [B42]
Man vs Machine New York (2), 28.01.2003
[Schulz, A]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6
[ Normally Kasparov prefers the Najdorf-Variation. 2...d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 ]

3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.Bd3 Bc5
[ Another possibility is 5...Nf6 6.0-0 d6 7.c4 Be7 8.Nc3 ]

6.Nb3 Ba7 7.c4 Nc6 8.Nc3 d6 9.0-0 Nge7 10.Re1
[ RR 10.Qe2 0-0 11.Be3 e5 12.Bxa7 Rxa7 13.Qe3 Be6 14.Rfd1 Qb8 15.Be2 Rd8 16.Rd2 b5 17.cxb5 Bxb3 18.axb3 axb5 19.Rxa7 Nxa7 20.Qd3 Nec6 21.Nxb5 Nxb5 22.Qxb5 Nd4 23.Qxb8 Nxe2+ 24.Rxe2 Rxb8 Ramesh,R-Oral,T/Bled 2002/EXT 2003/1/2-1/2 (43)]

10...0-0 11.Be3 e5 12.Nd5N
[ RR 12.Bxa7N Rxa7 13.Qd2 Be6 14.Bf1 b6 15.Red1 Rd7 16.Rac1 f5 17.f3 f4 18.Nd5 g5 19.Qf2 Nc8 20.c5 bxc5 21.Bxa6 Bxd5 22.exd5 N6e7 23.Bd3 Ra7 24.Qc2 Kg7 25.Bxh7 c4 26.Nd2 Nb6 1-0 Kogan,A-Bezold,M/Wuerzburg 1996/EXT 99 (38)]

12...a5 13.Rc1 a4
Kasparov wants to secure the square d4 for his knight.

14.Bxa7 Rxa7 15.Nd2 Nd4 16.Qh5
More a gesture than a real threat.

16...Ne6 17.Rc3 Nc5 18.Bc2 Nxd5 19.exd5 g6 20.Qh6 f5
The black pawns in the centre heavily restrict White's play.

21.Ra3 Qf6!?
Planning the coming exchange sacrifice. [ 21...Ra6 ]

22.b4 axb3 23.Rxa7 bxc2
White must now lose time in order to neutralise c2. Both the rook on a7 and the queen on h6 are far away from the action.

24.Rc1 e4 25.Rxc2 Qa1+?
[ 25...f4 Kasparov saw this move and knew that he was winning, but he decided that the queen check on a1 did not change anything. "It was a human move," he said. "You see a check like that and you simply play it. But I immediately realised that I had let it off the hook."]

26.Nf1 f4 27.Ra8!
The only defence.

27...e3 28.fxe3 fxe3 29.Qxf8+! Kxf8 30.Rxc8+ Kf7
[ 30...Kf7 31.Rc7+ Kf8 ( 31...Ke8 32.Re2 Kd8 33.Rxh7 Qc1 34.Rxe3 is dangerous for Black.) 32.Rc8+ Kf7 and permanent check.] 1/2-1/2

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