(1) Ivanchuk,Vassily (2715) - Jobava,Baadur (2727) [B32]
Wijk aan Zee , 2015
[GM Lubomir Kavalek/The Huffington Post]

43.Rxa4 Black resigned. [43.Rxa4 Somebody turned down the calculating power of the analytical engine Stockfish and it fooled the commentator Yasser Seirawan. When Jobava resigned, the engine showed the position as equal and Yasser asked:”Where is the win?” The answer came from Ivanchuk. He promptly showed the idea of walking pants - a theoretical term of two uncatchable pawns marching down. 43...bxa4 44.Kc4 Kc6 45.Kd3 Kd5 46.e6 fxe6 47.f6! Kd6 48.c4 e5 49.c5+ Ke6 50.c6 Just on time! The black king is hopeless against the white pawns. One of them queens, for example 50...e4+ 51.Kc2 e3 52.c7 Kd7 53.f7 e2 54.c8Q++- ] 1-0