(1) Kavalek,Lubomir - Polugaevsky,Lev
Havana Olympiad, 1966
[GM Lubomir Kavalek/The Huffington Post]

26.Qg6?! I played the queen sacrifice without hesitation. Accepting it, it leads to a mate, and at the same time white threatens 27.Qxh7+! Kxh7 28. Rh4 mate. But I was brought down to earth by Polugaevsky's brilliant defense. [In retrospect, white would have kept the winning chances with 26.Rxf6!? for example 26...Ra7 (26...Qxg1+ 27.Qxg1 gxf6 28.Qd4+- ) 27.Kb1+/- ]

An incredible defense and a picturesque position. The black queen deflects the rook on f4, controls the square h4 and black threatens to take the white queen. There is no way to keep the attack going. I played

and after

27...hxg6 28.Rxg6 Rf8 29.Rf4 Rf7 30.Nxb4 Bb7
I only had a small edge and Polugaevsky was able to draw in 46 moves. 1/2-1/2