(1) Hou Yifan (2605) - Polgar,Ju (2710) [B46]
Gibraltar Open Caleta ENG (7.7), 30.01.2012
[GM Lubomir Kavalek/The Huffington Post]

The temptation to play actively led Polgar to a faulty decision:

A tactical challenge that plays into Hou's hand. Polgar should have waited, but it is not her style.

21.e5+! Nxe5 22.Ne4+ Ke7 23.Nxg5 h6?
[An unfortunate move, dropping a pawn. But even after the better 23...f6 24.Ne4 Rd8 25.b3 white's pawn structure is healthy and her pieces are more actively placed. Black's pawn on d4 could be a target, the bishop on c8 is dormant.]

24.Nxe6! Bxe6
[After 24...Kxe6 25.f4 f6 26.b3 threatening a2-a3, black is in trouble: 26...Rd8 (26...c5 27.fxe5 fxe5 28.Rde2+- ) 27.c3 Rb5 28.cxd4 Rbd5 29.Bg4+ Kf7 30.Bxc8 Rxc8 31.dxe5 fxe5 32.Rxe5+- ]

Hou is a pawn up and other black pawns are still scattered.

25...Rd8 26.f4 Rb5 27.Rde2 Kf6 28.Bf3 c5 29.a4 Rb4 30.Rxc5 Rxa4 31.b3 Rb4 32.Be4 Bg4 33.Re1 Rd6 34.Bd3 Bd7 35.Ree5 Be6 36.Kd2 Rbb6 37.Ra5 Rbc6 38.Ra4 Rb6 39.Re4 Bf5 40.Rexd4
The time control is over and Hou brings the two pawn advantage home.

40...Re6 41.Bc4 Rec6 42.Ra5 Bc8 43.Bd3 Be6 44.Rd8 Bc8 45.Rad5 Be6 46.Rh5 Kg7 47.f5
[The finishing combination is pretty 47.f5 Bc8 48.f6+!! Kxf6 49.Rxc8 Rxc8 50.Rxh6+ and wins. Judit didn't want to see any of it.] 1-0