(1) Short,N (2690) - Fluvia Poyatos,Joa (2499) [B56]
TCh-ESP CECLUB Honor Sestao ESP (5), 27.08.2010

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.h3 e6 7.g4 a6 8.Bg2 Nd7 9.0-0 Be7 10.f4 Nxd4 11.Qxd4 Qb6 12.Qxb6 Nxb6 13.a4 Nd7 14.a5 b6 15.axb6 Rb8 16.Rd1 Rxb6 17.b3 Rc6 18.Bd2 h6 19.Ra2 g5 20.Ne2 gxf4 21.Nxf4 Ne5 22.Kf2 Bh4+ 23.Ke2 Bg5 24.c4 Ke7 25.Ra3 Bd7 26.Nd3 Nxd3 27.Kxd3 Bxd2 28.Rxd2 Rb6 29.Kc3 Rhb8 30.Rb2 Rc8 31.Ra5 e5 32.Rba2 Rcb8 33.R2a3 Bc8 34.Bf3 Rc6 35.Be2 Rcb6 36.Bd3 Kf6 37.h4

The moment Short had been hoping for. Black missteps, either for undue fear of c5, or misevaluating how much faster the White pawns go forward. [37...Bb7 38.Ra1 (38.c5 dxc5 39.Rxc5 Rg8 ) 38...Ke7 39.Rb1 Bc6 40.c5 (40.b4 Bd7 41.g5 (41.b5 axb5 42.cxb5 Bxg4 43.Ra7+ R8b7 44.Rba1 Bd7= ) 41...hxg5 42.hxg5 Rh8 43.Rg1 ) 40...dxc5 41.Rxc5 f6 42.g5 hxg5 43.hxg5 Kd6 And Black is fine.]

38.Rxa6 Kg6 39.Rxb6 Rxb6 40.b4 Kh5 41.b5

Though this loses faster, there was little hope in the alternative. [41...Rb8 42.Ra6 Rd8 43.Ra2! The idea is to bring the rook to d2 to pressure d6 (tying Black's rook to its defense) and cover h2, forcing Black's king to support the h-pawn advance. 43...Kxh4 44.Rd2 Rg8 (44...h5 45.Bf1 Rd7 46.b6! ) 45.Bc2 Rg6 46.Bd1 h5 ]

42.Ra6 Rxa6 43.bxa6 Bc8 44.a7 Bb7 45.Kd2 Kg5 46.Ke3 h5 47.c5 h4 48.Ba6 h3 49.Bxb7 h2 50.a8Q h1Q 51.Qd8+ Kg6 52.Qxd6+ f6 53.Kd2 Qb1 54.Qb6 Qa2+ 55.Kd3 Qa3+ 56.Kc4 Qa4+ 57.Qb4 Qc2+ 58.Kb5 Qd3+ 59.Qc4 1-0