Corus Study Day

(1) Murdzia/Jasik,Piotr/Andzey - White to play and draw
The Problemist, 2009
[Joachanan Afek]

1.Bb5! [1.Rh1? Nxf2 2.Rxh2+ Kg3 and Black wins.] Now it looks like White will obtain an easy draw, however Black comes up with an astonishing counter-attack. 1...Ra1!! 2.Rxa1 Nc1! 3.Rxc1 Bg5+ Game over? Not quite! 4.f4!! Closing for a moment one diagonal, thus gaining precious time to open the longest one for the final combination. 4...Bxf4+ 5.Ke2 Bxc1 6.Ne5! h1Q 7.Bc6 Qh3 8.Bd7! Qg2 9.Bc6 The black lady can find no refuge. A surprising positional draw! Peter Murdzia (Poland), a strong over-the-board IM, is the current world champion. He could not attend the event this time and sent this lovely study with greetings instead. 1/2-1/2

(2) Timman,Jan - White to play and win
The Problemist, 2009
[Jochanan Afek]

1.Rd1 a3! To create threats along the fourth rank. 2.bxa3 Ra4+ 3.f4!! The significance of this sacrifice will become apparent only on the last move. [If 3.Kg3? then 3...Rd4! saves Black.] 3...Rxf4+ 4.Kg3 Rd4! 5.Rxd4! e2 6.Rd6+! Kh7 [6...cxd6 7.Ba5 wins for White.] 7.Rh6+! Kxh6 8.Bg5+! Kxg5 9.f4+! The point of the entire magnificent combination. There follows 10.Kf2 and White wins. This was one of the two beautiful studies composed by the legendary Dutch player especially for this event. 1-0

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