Corus study competition

(1) Costeff,Gady - White to play and draw
The Problemist Hastings, 2009

1.g5! The only way to meet the promoting threat as [1.Rxd2 1.Rxd2? loses to 1...Qe8 or (1...f6 ) ] 1...d1Q+! 2.Rxd1 g6+! Since [2...Rxd1 3.Qa4+ Ke7 4.Qxd1 g6+ 5.Kh4 is just draw] 3.Kh6 Rxd1 4.Qa4+ Ke7 5.Qxd1 Kf8! Preparing a mate net by Kg8 and Qf8 6.Qd4! The threat is of course 7.Qh8+ 6...Qb2! 7.Qh8+!! The stunning point of the whole study: a neat sacrifice of the queen! 7...Qxh8 8.f6! Ke8 9.g4 Qf8+ 10.Kxh7 A tremendous finale: Black , a queen up and a move at hand cannot avoid stalemate! Another outstanding and breathtaking masterpiece from the workshop of the prominent Israeli composer who lives in San-Francisco. 1/2-1/2

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