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  ChessBase Training Enhancement


Training Supplements – Tactics
Mattosteron – Spot mating patterns instantly
The player who can see mating opportunities first always walks away with the prize! One dose is enough to enhance your mating skills for an entire tournament game! Starts to work after thirty minutes and provides maximum search depth for up to seven hours. Prescription required, but our partner doctors provide hassle-free Rx via email. Must be over 18 to purchase (21 in USA).

49,90 € incl. VAT for a pack of six (99,99 € for 15, 199,00 € for 50)
42,01 € without VAT (for customers outside the European Union)
52,51 $ (without VAT)



Training Supplements – Openings
Sizifit – for a better Sicilian Defence
The Sicilian Defence that requires the greatest learning effort of all opening systems and causes the greatest distress to chess amateurs. Sizifit is a German development and provides relief to specific areas of pain or discomfort. One capsule in the morning works for 36 hours. Players can take multiple lines without health risks, but it is advisable to use only one capsule at a time to avoid the (rare) occurrence of transposition errors. Full documentation with German-English translation table for the different variations.

49,90 € incl. VAT for 100 capsules (individual lines also available)
42,01 € without VAT (for customers outside the European Union)
52,51 $ (without VAT)



Training Supplements – Openings
Nimzolon – play a perfect Nimzo-Indian Defence
Scientifically proven to be more beneficial than My System. Increases your understanding of blockading techniques, enhances your control of the center, allows you to concede the bishop pair with virtually no
physical or mental anxiety. Especially suited for the 4.Qc2, and can be combined effectively with our ChessBase Rx Gene Therapy line – try Nimzolon with Capablanca GT for an unbeatable combination! Comes in a package with 100 tablets (take three on tournament days). For faster action Nimzolon is also available as suppositories (same price for 30 double-strength suppositories).

49,90 € incl. VAT for 100 capsules or 30 suppositories
42,01 € without VAT (for Customers outside the European Union)
52,51 $ (without VAT)



Training Supplements – Rx Gene Therapy
Play like Kasparov and Anand – Rx Gene Formula
Latest Gene Therapy Formula, straight from laboratories in South Korea. Tested by a number of very youthful GMs who are playing at 2700 Elo or higher. Now available in oral form (no more painful injections!). Order Kasparov, Anand, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik. Soon to come: Carlsen, Karjakin, Shirov, Judit Polgar. Please read the instructions carefully and be prepared for some side effects!

99,90 € incl. VAT (three months supply)
83,95 € without VAT (for Customers outside the European Union)
104,94 $ (without VAT)




Training Supplemens – Endgame
Finalosan – deep calculations in a vital part of the game
People tend to neglect the endgame, even though most matches are decided there. Extensive laboratory tests have demonstrated that after a week of Finalosan (two tablets daily) even rank amateurs were holding rook vs rook + pawn endings effortlessly. New formula with bishop and knight mating guarantee – take one extra tablet for queen vs rook. Absolutely no side effects, bargain price. Not available in any other chess stores!

26,99 € incl. VAT
22,68 € without VAT (for Customers outside the European Union)
28,35 $ (without VAT)



Training Supplements – Toiletgate
The "little blue pill" for those reflective moments
This German product, fully natural, induces mild incontinence and reminds you to visit the bathroom at regular intervals, where you can think deeply and privately about the current position instead of blundering away the game as usual. People who buy Abtei Entwässerung usually also order Pocket Fritz III (49,99 € – ask for our special bundle price!).

12,99 € incl. VAT for a package of 50
10,92 € without VAT (for Customers outside the European Union)
13,64 $ (without VAT)



Training Supplements – General Perception Level
"Coffee" – Increase your general acuity during the game
This fully natural bio-product from Ethiopia is a very inexpensive supplement that will improve your general awareness and acuity in all phases of the game. It comes in the form of beans which have been hand picked and roasted. Just add boiling water and drink as a beverage (do not eat the beans!). Coffee has been extensively tested by literally hundreds of top GMs. Possible side effect: mild insomnia.

12,99 € incl. VAT (for 2000+ beans = approx. one pound)
10,92 € without VAT (for Customers outside the European Union)
13,64 $ (without VAT)


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