(1) Rybka - Shredder [C67]
Computer Olympiad Pamplona (5), 18.05.2009
[Felix Kling]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.0-0 Nxe4 5.Qe2
\/A rare move. [5.d4 is of course the main line.]

This is also a rare move. The opening looks like a clever choice by Jeroen, since engines seem to have problems to understand what is going on. [5...Nd6 6.Bxc6 dxc6 7.Qxe5+ Qe7 8.Qa5 Qd8 9.Qc3 is the most principle line. Black has some problems to develop it's pieces, since the black bishop has to defend the pawn on g7. White has some small advantage I'd think.]

6.Nxg5 Qxg5 7.d4 Qe7
[In the first round of the Olympiad, Deep Sjeng played the opening better and managed to equalize, but lost the game later on: 7...Qf5 8.c3 d5 9.dxe5 a6 10.Ba4 Be7 11.f4 Qg6 12.Be3 Bf5 13.Qf2 0-0 14.Nd2 Rad8 15.Nf3 Bd3 16.Rfe1 Na5 17.Nd4 Nc4 18.f5 Qg4 19.Bd1 Qh4 20.g3 Qh3 21.f6 gxf6 22.exf6 Bd6 23.Bf3 Be4 24.Bxe4 dxe4 25.Bf4 Rfe8 26.Bxd6 Nxd6 27.Rad1 Kh8 28.Nc2 Rg8 29.c4 Rg6 30.Ne3 Rg5 31.b4 Rdg8 32.c5 Nb5 33.Rd5 R5g6 34.Qd2 Qe6 35.Rd7 b6 36.Rf1 Rf8 37.Re7 Qh3 38.cxb6 cxb6 39.Nf5 Na3 40.Qd7 Nc4 41.Rxe4 Rg4 42.Rd1 h6 43.Rxg4 Qxg4 44.Rd4 Qg5 45.Rxc4 Kh7 46.Qe7 1-0 Rybka - Deep Sjeng, Computer Olympiad 2009, Pamplona]

8.dxe5 Nd4
[The pawn can't be taken yet: 8...Qxe5 9.Qxe5+ Nxe5 10.Re1 f6 11.f4 ]

9.Qd3 Qxe5
[9...Nxb5 10.Qxb5 c6 looks like a better choice after the game. Taking on e5 is risky.]

Rybka's last book move.

10...Bc5 11.Qd1 Ne6 12.Re1 Qd4 13.Qf3 0-0 14.Re4!
White suddenly starts to go for black's king. At the moment it looks like white has not enough pieces on the kingside for a successful attack, but we will see.

14...Qd6 15.Rh4 Qe5?!
Look how badly the queen is placed. White can bring all the pieces to the attack with tempo! [15...h6 looks better, since e.g. 16.Bxh6 gxh6 17.Rg4+ Ng5 18.h4 f5 19.Rg3 f4 20.Rg4 Qe5 21.hxg5 d5 is good for Black.]

16.Bd2 f5 17.Re1 Qf6
Again Black has to move the queen.

18.Qh3 Qg6 19.Nd5!
Shredder didn't see the following continuation. However, White's attack looks very strong now. The knight is happy to enter the attack.

19...c6 20.Rxe6 Qxe6 21.Nf4 Qxa2 22.Rxh7 cxb5
Removing the defender and threatening mate. [22...Qa1+ 23.Bf1 Of course there's no back rank mate yet.]

Now the white king is safe. Black is a rook + pawn + bishop pair up, but in chess the king is more important than any other piece!

23...Rf6 24.Bc3
Every piece is attacking, Black has just the rook as defender on the kingside.

24...Kf7 25.Qh4 Qa1+ 26.Kg2 Qa6 27.Bxf6 Qxf6 28.Qh5+
Black resigned in view of [28.Qh5+ Ke7 29.Nd5+ winning the queen. A great symbol for a game that shows the drawback of a queen being in the middle of the board! ] 1-0