(1) Ni,Hua (2701) - Gerzhoy,Leonid (2530) [B19]
2009 Canadian Open Chess Championship Edmonton (4), 14.07.2009
[Alexander Shabalov]

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Bf5 5.Ng3 Bg6 6.h4 h6 7.Nf3 Nd7 8.h5 Bh7 9.Bd3 Bxd3 10.Qxd3 e6 11.Bd2 Ngf6 12.0-0-0 Qc7 13.Ne4 0-0-0 14.g3 Nxe4 15.Qxe4 Bd6
This move considered to be innacuracy because it allows white to play c4. However white plays as if normal [15...Be7 was played and as a result black gets a position with extra tempo on move 17!]

16.Kb1 Rhe8 17.Qe2 e5!
Normally black only plays Be7-d6 here

18.Rhe1 e4
Could have led to a strategically difficult position for black. Simple [18...Re7 was the way to ensure multiple exchanges]

19.Nh4 Nf6 20.Nf5 Bf8 21.Bf4 Qd7 22.Ne3?!
By Exchaging his superknight on f5 white throws any advantage away. [22.g4 Nd5 23.Be5 f6 24.Bg3+/- ]

22...Nd5 23.Nxd5 Qxd5 24.c4 Qf5 25.Be3 Qf3 26.g4 Qxe2 27.Rxe2 Rd7 28.Kc2 f5
Nice break.But [28...b6 ; or 28...b5 were also interesting alternatives]

29.gxf5 Rf7 30.d5 Rxf5 31.dxc6 bxc6 32.Red2 Bc5 33.Rd7 Re7 34.Rd8+ Kc7 35.Ra8 Bxe3 36.fxe3 Kb7
[36...Kb6 was a safer move]

37.Rdd8 Rxh5 38.b4 Rh2+ 39.Kb3 Re2?!
This logical move suddenly gives white chances. [39...g5 instead could have force white to start loking for a perpetual.]

40.Rdb8+ Ka6
I like Leonid's choice better than [40...Kc7 41.Rxa7+ Kxb8 42.Rxe7 Rxe3+ 43.Ka4 g5 44.Ka5 Kc8 45.Kb6 Kd8 46.Re6 Kd7 47.Rxc6 Rd3 48.Rxh6 e3 ]

41.a3 c5??
Clear case of suicide. Now black simply gets mated or loses the rook or lets the pawns run. White is still better, but not by much. [After 41...Rg2 42.Ka4 Rb7 43.Re8 (43.Rc8 Rg6 ) ]

42.Ka4 cxb4 43.c5 Rb7 44.c6!+-
Pretty, but [44.Re8 Rc7 45.Rab8 Rc6 46.axb4 was just as effective]

44...Rf7 45.axb4 Ra2+
Leonid makes sure he delivers all checks he got.

46.Kb3 Ra1 47.b5+ Ka5 48.Rb7 Rb1+ 49.Kc3 Rc1+ 50.Kb3 Rb1+ 51.Kc3 Rc1+ 52.Kd4 Rf5 53.Rbxa7+ Kb4 54.Ra4+ Kb3 55.Ra3+ Kb2 56.Ra2+ Kb3 57.R8a3+ Kb4 58.Ra4+ Kb3 59.R2a3+ Kb2 60.Rc4 Rd1+ 61.Kxe4 Rg5 62.Raa4 Rd8 63.c7 Re8+ 64.Kd4 Kb3 65.b6 Rb5 66.Rcb4+ Rxb4+ 67.Rxb4+ Kxb4 68.b7 1-0