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Problem: I have installed the 64-bit version of Fritz 16. But after the installation and activation only a 32-bit engine of Fritz 16 is on offer, although I have a 64-bit computer.

On it I can see that ChessProgram16 (the folder) is in the Windows folder for 64-bit programs and when I look at the Windows app for uninstalling programs Fritz 16 64-bit is listed there. But – as I previously mentioned – after installation and activation I only have a 32-bit engine for Fritz 16.

Answer: The 64-bit engine requires specific processor features, which many older 64-bit processors do not have. So the 64-bit engine would not work in combination with such a processor.

The installer checks the available hardware and installs the best engine for the latter’s processor. In such a case the user gets the 64-bit GUI with the 32-bit engine.

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