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Fritz 15 - English Version

New Fritz, new friend


How to exchange pieces

Learn to master the right exchange! Let the German WGM Elisabeth Pähtz show you how to gain a strategic winning position by exchanging pieces of equal value or to safely convert material advantage into a win.


Master Class Vol.7: Garry Kasparov

On this DVD a team of experts gets to the bottom of Kasparov’s play. In over 8 hours of video running time the authors Rogozenko, Marin, Reeh and Müller cast light on four important aspects of Kasparov’s play: opening, strategy, tactics and endgame.


ChessBase Magazine Extra 173

A solid concept against Benoni: Learn from GM Pert how to win with the Fianchetto Variation (video). Classics put to test: Robert Ris shows Fischer-Kholmov (1965) with an impressive knight sacrifice by the Russian (video). Plus 44,889 new games.


Pawn structures you should know

Every pawn structure has its typical plans and to know these plans helps you to find your way in these positions. On this DVD Mikhalchishin presents and explains the most common central structures: The Hedgehog, the Maroczy, Hanging pawns and the Isolani.


Trompowsky for the attacking player

Tap into your creative mind and start the game on a fresh note. The Trompowsky (1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5) is an opening outside of conventional wisdom. Create challenges and make your opponent solve problems early on.


The 4...Nf6 Caro-Kann

On this DVD Nigel Davies examines both the Bronstein-Larsen (5.Nxf6+ gxf6) and the Tartakower (5.Nxf6+ exf6) systems and shows how the doubled f-pawn, common to both lines gives Black a range of aggressive plans and ideas.


Books, boards, sets: Chess Niggemann

The Chebanenko Slav in 60 minutes

12/28/2011 – The Chebanenko Slav is a line championed by several top players, such as Gata Kamsky, Vladimir Malakhov, Etienne Bacrot, and the author, German GM Leonid Kritz. GM Dejan Bojkov was impressed, "One would expect that a strong GM would hide some of his ideas from his main repertoire, however, this is not the case with Leonid Kritz." Find out more in GM Dejan Bojkov's review.
Opening Encyclopedia 2016

Opening Encyclopedia 2016

In chess, braving the gap often leads to disaster after a few moves. We should be able to avoid things going so far. The ChessBase Opening Encyclopaedia offers you an effective remedy against all sorts of semi-digested knowledge and a means of building up a comprehensive and powerful repertoire.


The Chebanenko Slav in 60 minutes by Leonid Kritz

Review by GM Dejan Bojkov

Some years ago I tried to learn to play the Slav Defense as Black. There was too much material, and I decided to focus only on the Chebanenko line. It did not work well, but this had nothing to do with the opening. Opening tastes depend on the particular style of the player. At that time the leading specialists in the line were G. Kamsky, V. Malakhov, S. Movsesian, E. Bacrot, S.Volkov, Vl.Burmakin, my compatriots Vl.Georgiev and A. Stefanova, and the German GM L. Kritz.

A couple of years ago when working with Antoaneta Stefanova I discovered that the driving forces behind the line were still those players, and that the state of the line is stable. Therefore, when seeing the new 60-Minute video on the Chebanenko Slav, I was quite excited.

One would expect that a strong GM would hide some of his ideas from his main repertoire, however, this is not the case with Leonid Kritz.

A clip from Leonid Kritz's 60-minute tutorial on the Chebanenko Slav

In four clips he shows the subtleties of the line and gives the essential minimum that the Black player needs to survive White’s main plans.

The variations covered are:

1) 5.a4

2) 5.e3 in conjunction with the move 4.Nc3

3) 4.e3, the modern treatment, with the delay of the queenside knight’s development. In this line White usually develops the knight with Nb1-d2, and tries to exert pressure in the center with Nf3-e5 in the proper moment.

4) 5.c5 which was supposed to be the main line some years ago. Here, the suggested plan starts with the move 5…Bf5, in conjunction with the quick Nf6-h5 maneuver. This is a line which Kritz plays regularly as Black.

The explanations of the ideas are presented in a very neat way, and what is more valuable is that at the end of each line, Kritz also points what the future plan of the second player will be. Another good point is the knowledge of the piece strength in each particular line, and the German GM explains which pieces should be left on the board and why.

Certainly, 60 Minutes will not be enough for you to fully understand and learn the Chebanenko Slav, and a lot of additional work will be required. However after seeing the videos you will know in which direction to seek, and which games to study.

My assessment for this product: very good!

Countering with the Chebanenko Slav in 60 minutes can be purchased in the Chessbase Shop.

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