Susheela Viswanathan: 'I am a very proud mother'

4/4/2007 – After Vishy Anand had bagged Morelia/Linares it became obvious that he would soon appear as the world's strongest player on the FIDE ratings list. In India his parent bore the brunt of the media frenzy that ensued. Both mother Shusheela and father Viswanathan were persuaded to write short pieces about their famous and well beloved son. Very interesting insights.

Rediff reminiscences

It is legend now that Anand learnt the first moves of chess from his mother when he was a small boy. The lad has now become world No. 1. Susheela, who taught Anand his first moves on the chess board, looks back on some unforgettable moments in the life of her youngest son.

Viswanathan, Anand's father goes back in time and talks about how he brought up his children, the discipline he instilled in them and some memorable moments.

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