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Creating Chaos in Calm Waters

– In this show, Simon will be taking a look at some interesting ways of meeting Anti-Sicilian lines, mainly 3 Bb5+ and 2 c3. Rather then entering into somewhat dull positions you may have the chance to play an early ...g5!? Tune in at 6 pm CEST for the action! View the whole schedule!


Fritz 15 - English Version

New Fritz, new friend


Evans Gambit for the new generation

The Evans Gambit is an attempt to destroy Black in gambit fashion straight out of the opening. Featuring games of old, and numerous new and exciting ideas, this DVD will give you a genuine and more exciting way of playing the Giuoco Piano.


ChessBase Magazine 174

Enjoy the best moments of recent top tournaments (Bilbao, Saint Louis and Dortmund) with analysis of top players. In addition you'll get lots of training material. For example 11 new suggestions for your opening repertoire.


How to exchange pieces

Learn to master the right exchange! Let the German WGM Elisabeth Pähtz show you how to gain a strategic winning position by exchanging pieces of equal value or to safely convert material advantage into a win.


ChessBase Magazine Extra 173

A solid concept against Benoni: Learn from GM Pert how to win with the Fianchetto Variation (video). Classics put to test: Robert Ris shows Fischer-Kholmov (1965) with an impressive knight sacrifice by the Russian (video). Plus 44,889 new games.


Master Class Vol.7: Garry Kasparov

On this DVD a team of experts gets to the bottom of Kasparov’s play. In over 8 hours of video running time the authors Rogozenko, Marin, Reeh and Müller cast light on four important aspects of Kasparov’s play: opening, strategy, tactics and endgame.


Pawn structures you should know

Every pawn structure has its typical plans and to know these plans helps you to find your way in these positions. On this DVD Mikhalchishin presents and explains the most common central structures: The Hedgehog, the Maroczy, Hanging pawns and the Isolani.


Books, boards, sets: Chess Niggemann

Kübra for Sports Person of the Year

12/12/2006 – She has just turned fifteen and is the reigning European under 16 champion. Kübra Öztürk has just been nominated for the "Sportsman of the Year" award in her native Turkey, competing with weightlifters, boxers and volleyball players. If you think it would be nice for a chess player to win the award you can go to the newspaper site and cast a vote for Kübra.
Opening Encyclopedia 2016

Opening Encyclopedia 2016

In chess, braving the gap often leads to disaster after a few moves. We should be able to avoid things going so far. The ChessBase Opening Encyclopaedia offers you an effective remedy against all sorts of semi-digested knowledge and a means of building up a comprehensive and powerful repertoire.


Milliyet (literally meaning “Nationality”), one of the best-known newspapers in Turkey has nominated two candidates from chess for its traditional “Sportsman of the Year” award. Voting is conducted through the Internet and mail, and lasts until the end of the year. The results cannot be seen on the Internet and the winners of the awards are awarded at a special ceremony with all the candidates invited.

Chess is becoming more and more popular in Turkey, and the Turkish Chess Federation last December concluded a sponsorship deal with Is Bankasi. Recently Garry Kasparov’s “My Great Predecessors” was published with the help of the sponsorship of Is Bankasi Kultur Yayinlari. Chess success has also been forthcoming. In 2006 WGM Ekaterina Atalik won the European Individual Chess Championship, and six months later Kübra Öztürk won European Championship title under 16 in European Youth Championship in Herceg Novi, Serbia & Montenegro.

Kübra Öztürk, winner of the European Championship under 16

Kübra became a celebrity in her country. Her success was reported in most of the newspapers in Turkey, and a documentary on her life was shown on TV. She is considered to be a rising star of Turkish Chess, and can be expected to be even more successful in the future.

Kübra Ozturk was born in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey in 1991. She started playing chess at the age of seven. Recently she took the silver medal in Turkish Championship, and shared the fifth place in the World Youth Championship under 16 girls. She caught the attention of the legendary Lajos Portisch at World Junior Championship 2005 in Istanbul, who spoke highly about her future prospects. Kübra plays for Besiktas JK, the reigning champion of Is Bankasi Chess League.

This young chess player is now a candidate for the Best Sportsperson of the Year in the Athletes section of Milliyet. The other candidates include Neslihan Demir (internationally known volleyball national team player), Yusuf Dikeç (shooting), Hasibe Erkoç (Boxing), Ismail Güzel (wrestling), Tugba Karedemir (Ice Skating), Zenep Kirez (Taekwondo), Elif Mavis (mountaineering), Taner Sagir (weightlifting world champion in his weight), Gulbin Su (Handicapped Sports), Devrim Cenk Ulusoy (Diving) and Göksü Uctas (Gymnastic).

Kubra is not the only candidate from chess for the Milliyet awards. The President of Turkish Chess Federation, Ali Nihat Yazici, has been nominated for Best Sports Manager of the Year. Yazici is in the process of converting Turkey into a chess superpower, and has increased the membership of the TCF from 5000 in the year 2000 to 150,000 members today. He recently ran for the Deputy President of FIDE together with Bessel Kok in the “Right Move Team”.

Also nominated: the President of the TCF Ali Nihat Yazici

The other candidates to the Best Sports Figure of the Year are Ahmet Agaoglu (President of Golf Federation), Goksel Arsoy (President of Sports for Everyone Federation), Ozhan Canaydin (President of Galatasaray SK), Turgay Demirel (President of Basketball Federation), Erol Karabiyik (President of Volleyball Federation), Caner Doganeli (President of Boxing Federation) and Emin Sazak (President of the Committee of Yilmaz Sazak Athletics’ Competitions).

Want to help them win?

It would be really nice for a chess player to become “Sportsman of the Year” in Turkey – especially such an endearing young lady. If you want to help achieve this monumental goal you can vote for her on the Milliyet site.

"Stuffing" is an ugly word – let us call it general support for the noble game of chess. To vote for Kübra and Ali Nihat go to the web site and click on the cast-a-vote link on the left side of the page. In the popup that appears you should enter your name, surname, age and email address. Select Kübra Öztürk as "Yilin sporcusu" and, if you wish, Ali Nihat as "Yilin spor adami", whatever that is. Click Gönder to "submit" the vote.

Note that you will only be able to gönder a vote once – the site appears to store this in a cookie to prevent multiple submissions.

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