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Karthikayan Murali – World U12 champion – In his own words

12/12/2011 – It isn't every day that one receives a report by a young 12-year-old player, much less one who is already making waves as he is. Karthikayan recently compounded his youth tournament successes in India by winning the under-12 division at the World Youth Championships, and has just achieved a 2336 performance at the London FIDE Open. Here are his words and pictures.
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Karthikayan Murali – World U12 champion In his own words

It isn't every day that one receives a report by a young 12-year-old player, much less one who is already making waves as he is. The report/bio by the young Indian Karthikeyan Murali is quite charming and though there is probably an adult hand reminding him of a few thank yous, there is little doubt as to the author.

Karthikeyan Murali - World Under-12 Champion

Accompanying it is a series of pictures of his successes and memorable moments. Karthikeyan recently compounded his youth tournament successes in India by winning the under-12 division at the World Youth Championships recently held in Caldas Novas, Brazil.

Karthikeyan poses with his victor's medal, celebratory garb given
at his reception at the airport, and a souvenir from Brazil in his
hand: a replica of Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer.

The young player, rated 2154 FIDE, also just played at the London FIDE Open, held parallel to the Chess Classic, where he had an excellent 2336 FIDE performance, including a win over IM Richard Bates.

His hero and role model is unsurprisingly: "Grandmaster And World Champion, The Tiger Of Indian Chess, Viswanathan Anand."

Here is the letter we received as is, followed by some of his results, and a picture gallery.

My Achievements In My Own Words

Respected Dignitaries, this is Karthikeyan Murali, of the Velammal International School, Ponneri.

I am a sincere lover of chess and I started my chess career at my budding age of five, and I brought many glories and fames to my place, my district,  my state, and the country as well.

My ardent quest to meet the super grand master, the tiger of Indian chess, the great Vishy Anand, came true within six months of my chess career  when I won the first National Chess championship for the InterSchools conducted by the NIIT’s Mind Championship Academy during 2006 which fetched the golden opportunity of playing with him in the simultaneous round comprising of 17 National Champions of various disciplines along with me and that day propelled me to go very deep into chess and to become like my role model the great Anand.

My highest achievement so for is that I am the world champion (u-12 age) 2011 in the World Youth Chess Championship held at Caldas Novas, Brazil during the year 2011.

I am very much indebted to my beloved and sincere coach SHRI. M. A. Velayutham  and sri.Thiyagarajan of  Bloom Chess Academy, Thiruvottiyur Chennai who cares me for all of my success so far, and also in the future.

I am very much indepted to my school, the Velammal International School, Chennai for providing me free education, with all amenities for my studies and also sponsoring me financially for all my international tournaments as well.

My ultimate aims are two:

  1. To become the youngest Indian grand master.
  2. To work hard for myself to enable to get Dhronacharya Award to my master.

With the sincere wishes of my coach, and as well as of my parents, I won many awards and titles and they are listed separately.

Now, I am going to play London International Open Classic Tournament to be held in the Olympia Media Hall, London.

I expect your kind blessing as well for all of my future success please.

Thanking you all,

Karthikeyan Murali

International Results

  1. World Champion U-12 World Youth Chess Ch. – Brazil (2011)
  2. Silver medalist – Asian Youth Blitz Chess U-14 – Phillipines (2011)
  3. Two team gold medals – Asian Youth Blitz Chess U-14 – Phillipines (2011)
  4. Eleventh place – World Youth Chess Ch. U-12 – Greece (2010)
  5. 4th place & team silver – Asian Youth Chess U-12 – China (2010)
  6. Represented India in the Commonwealth Chess – Delhi (2010)
  7. Silver medalist – World Youth Chess U-10 – Turkey (2009)

National Results

  1. National runner – Indian Youth U-13 – Delhi (2011)
  2. Fifth place – Indian Youth U-13 – Pondicherry (2010)
  3. National Champion – Indian Youth U-11 – Shivmoga Karnataka (2009)
  4. NIIT National champion - Private sub-junior – Chennai (2006)

Photo Gallery

Murali at the Indian Youth Championships in Delhi, 2011

At the airport, returning from the 2011 World Youth Chess Championships with his
fellow Indian representatives.

He was received and celebrated for his achievement

Playing at the World Youth Championships

Medal Winners with coaches GM Sriram Jha, Debashis Das, Dolan Champa Bosae,
Mayur Patel, Karthikeyan Murali, and Ram AravindSalo.

Murali meets his hero, the Tiger of Indian Chess

For his first success he poses with the World Champion

Kethikayan also earned the right to play in a simul against Anand

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